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Samga realized several projects to improve the sustainable character of the terminal. In 2020 Samga installed solar pannels on top of our silo's which gains 45% of the used energy.  We have new projects in progress for 2024 to build another project with solar pannels. Additional we try to get our staff  in the direction of sustainable thinking and acting.



High Capacity Hybrid Crane

The decision was taken to invest in a large hydraulic crane, the first ever Mantsinen Hybrid 300R, the world's largest hydraulic crane. This, combined with the custom build conveyor belts, will boost productivity to record-breaking heights.

Building Silos @ SAMGA

The old city warehouses were not suited for proper cargo storage so 9 new flat silos (1700m² each) were built and fully operational as from November 2017


Renovation Vertical Silos @ SAMGA

Giving new life to Antwerp’s oldest grain terminal also involved strengthening the vertical silos, allowing them to run at full capacity again. The whole building was painted in white and new lighting was installed, thus turning the Antwerp’s oldest grain terminal into a new eye catching landmark.


Expansion @ SAMGA

Since January 2015 we have taken over the operations at the Samga site (Société Anonyme des Magasins à Grains d'Anvers) with the intention of redeveloping and giving a new life to Antwerp's oldest grain terminal by renovating the vertical silos and building new flat silos.

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